10 Benefits to Hire a Professional Painter in Brooklyn

October 5, 2021

There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your Brooklyn home or commercial space.

But if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, think again. As many as two-thirds of homeowners regret taking on DIY projects like interior painting, while a third end up calling in the experts to re-do their amateurish work. Likewise, hiring a budget painting contractor can be a very expensive mistake. 

Only professional Brooklyn painters can promise the quality treatment your property deserves. 

But what are some of the main benefits of contracting an expert painting service? Keep reading to find out!

1. Years of Experience 

Hiring a professional painting service means benefitting from the years of experience and in-depth knowledge that the team brings to each painting project. With experience comes confidence, precision, and efficiency. 

Professionals take years to master their craft. But even painters with years of experience never stop learning or looking for ways to improve their expert skills. This dedication shows in the finished product. Whether you want a new paint color in one room or your entire Brooklyn property, nothing compares to the impeccable service an experienced professional can provide. 

2. Professionalism From Start to Finish

Completing a thorough painting job is harder than it looks, especially when you take prep work and cleaning into account. 

Budget painting contractors might seem like a cheap way to save you all this work. But if they leave you with a job half-done, splash paint around, or don’t prep the walls, you’ll be the one who ends up paying the price for their shoddy service. 

In contrast, the best painters in your area know how vital it is to prep the painting service for color adherence and resistance. And, their commitment to professionalism from start to finish means you’ll hardly be able to notice that anyone was there once the job is complete. 

3. Color Expertise

You may have your heart set on the color of the year to refresh your Brooklyn interior. But is it the right shade to bring out the best in your home? 

Before you splash out all that money on paint, wouldn’t you rather find out what the professionals think? 

Sure, painters might not be able to tell you the trendiest shade for your living room, but they know which colors work in which spaces. Years of painting experience and a front seat to all kinds of homes means that painters know a lot more about color than many interior designers. Being able to take advantage of this expertise is yet another benefit of hiring professional painters. 

4. Product Knowledge

Professional painters also know everything there is to know about different types of paint, including what factors you need to consider before choosing the right type for each surface. From understanding how to handle surface imperfections to using the best finish for a high-traffic area, you can be sure their product knowledge is second to none. 

Their advice and guidance will help you understand the importance of mold-resistant paints in bathrooms and kitchens, how certain paints are easier to clean than others, and what to do if someone in your home has allergies. And, as a result, you can look forward to a cleaner, brighter home once they’re done! 

5. The Best Tools for the Job

While the average Brooklyn homeowner might have one or two paintbrushes lying around, it’s unlikely that you have anything like the kinds of painting tools that professionals use. 

From quality drop cloths to protect your floors and furniture to the different kinds of brushes and rollers required for different paints, professional painters have all the best tools for the job and know exactly how and when to use them.

6. Range of Services

Being able to hire the same painting company for all your exterior and interior painting needs is another bonus that only the best professional contractors offer. This way, you can give your home a complete makeover, both inside and out, without hiring different companies. Or, even if you don’t need the full range of services now, you’ll know who to call if you do in the future. 

7. Team Strategy

While one or two painters might be enough for your Brooklyn interior painting project, an expert service knows that more extensive projects require more hands on deck. But, for optimal efficiency, a team must follow a clear strategy and have experience of working together in harmony. Only professional painting services can provide you with the united team of specialists your painting project needs. 

8. Client-Centred Approach

Professional painting services understand that each project is unique and that every client has specific requirements and preferences. They also recognize the importance of continuous communication to ensure maximum client satisfaction at every step of the way. Hiring professionals means you can expect the highest industry standards, but also, the best and most courteous service. 

9. Reasonable Upfront Pricing 

For a painting company, professionalism means offering affordable prices for both Brooklyn commercial building and residential painting services.

It also means providing customers with honest, upfront pricing information. Being sure that you won’t face any hidden costs or unexpected add-ons once the project is already underway is one of the most invaluable benefits of contracting a professional painting service. 

10. Liability Insurance

Attempting DIY painting can end up costing you more than you bargained for – especially if you end up injuring yourself or damaging your home. The same goes for cheap painting contractors. One of the reasons they’re so cheap is because they don’t have the insurance they should have. 

In contrast, professional painting services carry full liability and damage cover. This protects them as well as you and your home should anything bad happen. 

Why Hiring Professional Brooklyn Painters Is the Smart Choice  

As the many benefits of hiring professional Brooklyn painters show, you should never accept anything but the very best for your home. 

Only a professional painting service experience can offer you the expert knowledge, experience, client satisfaction, and range of services your Brooklyn commercial building or home deserve. And, when all that comes with reasonable upfront pricing, why settle for anything less?!

Want to find out more about our painting services? Looking to schedule a consultation with our experts? Feel free to get in touch with us at Pristine Painters today! 

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