Should You Hire a Painter? The Real Cost of DIY Painting

May 25, 2021

Are you looking for a way to revamp the inside of your home without breaking the bank? Have you recently moved into a house and need to put your personal touch on it? If so, then you need to hire a painter to do so.

There are many homeowners out there that try to do it themselves rather than hire a professional for the job. They do it to try and save a few dollars, but really, it can end up costing you more to DIY.

Below you can find an in-depth guide that explains the real costs of trying to paint yourself rather than hiring a professional for the job.

1. It Wastes Time

Whether you’re trying to renovate your house of 20 years or put your own spin on a house that you just purchased, you likely have a timeframe for when you wish the project to be done. 

If you choose to turn this into a DIY project, then time might not be on your side. Life gets busy. You’ll find multiple activities and plans that push off your plans to paint and/or cause you to stop midway through.

Meanwhile, if you were to reach out to a professional painter, time is of the highest priority. They’ll use their experience to work quickly while producing the results that you’re expecting.

Professionals painters don’t have anything to distract them from getting the job done. All they’re focused on is delivering a high-quality paint job for you, without extending the time it takes to finish it.

Better yet, they’ll set a realistic expectation for the timeline from the get-go. You tell them the size of your project, they’ll give you an estimate of when they’ll be done and whether it can be knocked out in a few hours or a few days. Allowing you to plan the rest of your project around their concrete plans.

2. You Won’t Save as Much as You Think

One of the only reasons that homeowners elect to DIY their interior paint is because they’re hoping to save a few dollars off the price. However, we want to warn you that you might not save as much as you’re hoping to, if any at all.

Let’s look at all the costs associated with DIY painting. First, there’s the paint itself and more than likely you’ll have to purchase primer as well. The larger the project is, the more paint and primer you’ll end up needing. Most times you will end up purchasing too much or too little paint and primer, that will not only cost you money but also time.

There’s also the painting materials that you’ll need, such as different-sized brushes, buckets for paint, painter’s tape, and extra materials you may not even think you need. Not to mention that you might require certain paintbrushes/paint rollers if you’re looking to achieve a certain aesthetic. 

Then there’s the element of time. Time equals money. Wouldn’t you rather spend a few extra dollars to make sure the job is done right and within your desired time frame?

Start things off by creating a project budget. You can use that budget to gauge how much the professional paint job will cost and where it fits into your finances. 

3. You Risk the Quality of Work

Imagine walking into a room with a fresh coat of paint in your desired color and shade. It looks just as you imagined. There’s no overlap in the corners, everything is precise and perfect.

That isn’t the result that you’ll get if you DIY. For one, you may not realize that you need proper preparation and technique and without it could lead to a few mistakes along the way (we all make them).

Also, the friends and loved ones you ask to help won’t put in the attention to detail that you’re looking for. That can lead to visible streaks, overlapping paint, paint on the door trim/chair rail/crown molding, and so on.

As soon as you hire a professional interior painter for the job, you’ll be able to tell them the goals for your project. The service will use that information to deliver the exact aesthetic you were hoping for.

4. It Causes Unwanted Stress

Not only can painting cause physical stress to you and those helping you, but it also causes a lot of mental stress. It’s easy to get frustrated, tired, aggravated, and so on when you’re DIYing.

If you hire a professional painter, then you’ll have peace of mind from the start. Their portfolio and reputation will help you have more confidence in the project.

You’ll be guaranteeing yourself the dream layout that you envisioned, rather than being disappointed at the visible mistakes. There will be less stress for you as you see this entire renovation project through to the end.

5. There’s a Mess to Clean Up

We mean that quite literally. As if painting, stretching, climbing, reaching, and lifting weren’t tiring enough, there will be a mess to clean up at the end of it all.

That’s not to mention any noticeable mistakes that you’ll have to fix after the paint has had time to dry. 

A professional painter can prevent those mistakes from the start with their thought-out process. They’ll take care of the mess afterward as well, so it will feel as if they were never there at all.

Hire a Painter for Your Renovation Project Today

Now that you have seen all of the different costs and potential risks to DIYing your paint job, be sure to hire a painter from the pro ranks instead.

Be sure to visit this page for more information on Pristine Painters and see why we’re the best fit for your painting needs.

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