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NYC skim coating services from Pristine Painters can make a world of difference to any surface in your New York home or business. If a smooth and seamless surface is the goal, experienced skim coating contractors like ours make an excellent choice. Our services transform the exterior or interior of any residential or commercial property with ease through the high-quality skim coating that gives unsightly ceilings and walls a fresh aesthetic.

Pristine Painters focuses on delivering quality, boosting customer satisfaction, and crafting service excellence on every project. We maintain the highest professional standards, valuing our clients’ time and money by offering work that exceeds their expectations. Chat with our professionals today about high-quality exterior painting services and NYC skim coating services all over the city, including in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn.

Skim Coating Services: How It Works

Our skim coating team applies a thin coat of joint compound onto an existing wall or ceiling to achieve a glass-like finish. Pristine Painters prefer to apply a skim coat by hand, with a paint roller, or using a spray rig. We smooth it out with a trowel or drywall knife for a flawless finish.

Several reasons necessitate the application of a skim coat on walls, ceilings, and other unfinished interior surfaces.

Our NYC skim coating services come in handy when:

achieving a “Level 5” finish by skim coating drywalls

repairing damaged walls

rejuvenating torn drywall after the removal of wallpaper

renovating peeling, cracked, or crazed paint

repainting over faux stripes

smoothing knockdown textures on walls

Types of Skim Coats We Offer

At Pristine Painters, we offer a wide variety of related services, including skim coating:

concrete – walls – ceilings – drywalls – exterior surfaces – old plaster walls – sheetrock

Our professionals have proven their commitment to the craft over the years, with exceptionally high standards in planning, scheduling, quality control, cost control, and health and safety. Our extensive experience together and passion for delivering a one-of-a-kind finish on your building’s surfaces sets our work apart. Why not explore the possibilities available for achieving quality skim coat ceilings and walls, or other paint finishes, with our seasoned painting professionals in New York City?

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At Pristine Painters, our skilled team members pride themselves in being able to deliver the highest quality painting and skim coating services to every customer. We have some of the most experienced skim coating contractors in the business, with over 17 years of experience in residential and commercial painting across the state. As part of our professional services, Pristine Painters promises:

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Fully licensed and insured painters
  • On-time, on-budget delivery
  • Reasonable, upfront pricing
  • Unwavering focus on customer satisfaction

Contact Pristine Painters at (347) 428-6032 today to request a free estimate from our experienced technicians on NYC skim coating services, exterior painting, and any other project you have in mind.


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Pristine Painters works closely with each client, providing you with our undivided attention. Whether you’re in New York, Brooklyn, or Queens, we make sure your project meets our standards in results and customer service. Learn what our clients are saying about us.

I’m greatly satisfied with the services I’ve got from Pristine Painters. Excellent work and the friendliest staff I’ve ever met!.

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We hired Pristine Painters during the current repairs at our office. Everything was done professionally and fast. We were also pleased with a quite reasonable price. Unquestionably, we would give them an A for their services

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A friend of mine recommended me to the Pristine Painters team for wall repair and painting. I’m really happy that I followed his recommendation. Super job! If you want quality and speed, you’ll find them here.

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Our family turned to Pristine Painters when we needed help in exterior painting. They did their job perfectly, and the service was nice, too. Thank you, guys! Next time I know where to call if I need help.

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