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Are you planning to take your commercial property’s interior design to the 21st century? You’d be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do to achieve this goal.

Pristine Printers provides interior painting services to commercial properties throughout NYC. Our team of painters is highly skilled, giving you the aesthetic change you want for your space.

Everything Our Commercial Interior Painting Service Offers

Make the most of our partnership. When you hire Pristine Printers, you get additional professional services to complete the transformation of your commercial space.

Wood Floor Refinishing – Interior Painting – Painting Services for Commercial Facilities

Enjoy the unparalleled advantage of working with professionals when you choose Pristine Painters.

Our Easy 3-Steps Interior Painting Process

Step 1: Book an appointment

During your appointment, we conduct an interview to find out what you want to achieve with your makeover. Apart from the paint color and other design elements, you can tell us other enhancements you want for your space. At the end of our discussion, you receive a cost estimate for the entire project.

Step 2: Create a new look

Once you sign the contract, our team of painters and carpenters get to work in transforming your commercial space. They make the necessary repairs to the walls, ceilings, and trims to create a smooth and even canvas for the paint.

Step 3: Enjoy the new look

Once the transformed space meets our expectations, we invite you to inspect the work. We’ll make the necessary changes you want to ensure you get the results you’ve envisioned.

Why Choose Pristine Painters to Paint Your Indoor Commercial Space?

We put the client first. When you hire us, you can expect the Gold Standard. We take a hands-on approach to each project, ensuring you get what you want. We encourage you to reach out for any questions or concerns about the process.

We are a team of skilled painters. Our commercial interior painting service is designed to use the highest quality of products and the industry’s best practices. Expect expertise when you hire us.

Pristine Painters was founded on the belief that each client should be treated like the first. Our services are made to provide the following:

  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Personalized Creative Direction
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship
  • If you are interested in transforming your commercial space, look no further than Pristine Painters.

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The Cost of Painting Commercial Interiors

Property owners tend to do things on their own to save money, but painting your commercial space’s interiors should be left to the professionals.

Today’s average cost to paint commercial interiors is $3-$4.50 per square foot which includes wall, ceiling, trim, and doors. The costing may get higher than the average depending on the condition of the wall and ceiling. Although it might seem expensive at first, working with professionals will save you more money in the long run. Besides their expertise, you are paying for the best tools and practices.

Work with Pristine Painters to get the results you envision for your commercial space.

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#1 Painters in New York City - 5 Star Reviews Locally

Pristine Painters works closely with each client, providing you with our undivided attention. Whether you’re in New York, Brooklyn, or Queens, we make sure your project meets our standards in results and customer service. Learn what our clients are saying about us.

I’m greatly satisfied with the services I’ve got from Pristine Painters. Excellent work and the friendliest staff I’ve ever met!.

Olivia Wilson


We hired Pristine Painters during the current repairs at our office. Everything was done professionally and fast. We were also pleased with a quite reasonable price. Unquestionably, we would give them an A for their services

James Coleman


A friend of mine recommended me to the Pristine Painters team for wall repair and painting. I’m really happy that I followed his recommendation. Super job! If you want quality and speed, you’ll find them here.

Logan Moore


Our family turned to Pristine Painters when we needed help in exterior painting. They did their job perfectly, and the service was nice, too. Thank you, guys! Next time I know where to call if I need help.

Daniel Ross


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Our Painting Services

Give your home a new look by putting on a fresh coat of paint. Contact Pristine Painters to discover the difference of refreshing new colors on your interior walls. Our interior painting services are customized to meet your needs and our standards.

Home Interior Painting

We will update your NYC home with the colors and shades you prefer and give your living room, bedroom, and kitchen a modern and fresh look.

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Apartment Painting

From color selection to color combination, we stand ready to take the pressure off your shoulders and convert your ordinary apartment into a unique space to enjoy.

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Plastering Services

Whether you’re looking to restore old crown molding or need to patch up damaged walls, our team at Pristine Painting is here to help.

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Skim Coating

Our skim coating team applies a thin coat of joint compound onto an existing wall or ceiling to achieve a glass-like finish.

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Media Room Painting

A comfortable, well-designed media room can be converted into a second living area. There are several ways to improve the overall look of your room, including painting the walls.

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Commercial Interior Painting

When you hire Pristine Printers, you get additional professional services to complete the transformation of your commercial space.

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