Top 10 Interior Paint Ideas to Liven up Your Home

September 6, 2021

Did you know that 56 percent of homeowners intend to paint the interior of their homes within the next year?

However, so many people run into the problem of choosing a color or design. 

But thankfully, there are many different options to choose from. And your home will have a whole new look to it once it’s finally painted. 

So if you’re interested in some interior paint ideas, keep reading for some inspiration!

1. Patterns

While a pattern paint scheme might be too bold of a choice for some, it can offer uniqueness and excitement to your home. Plus, this project can be great for a simple accent wall or to focus on a specific area. 

Now, don’t be scared to try your hand at a pattern. There are many new techniques and stencils available today to help you. 

But since some patterns can be complicated to accomplish, it might be beneficial to use professional painting services for the more complex patterns. 

And always use contrasting colors to get the most out of your pattern. So you can try patterns like stripes, chevrons, or harlequins

2. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors may be too bright for some people to handle. However, they can add fun and joy to a boring area. And they can be great for families who want to make a statement. 

So depending on how bright you go, these colors can attract people to an area and can be a conversation starter. 

And if you’re worried they stand out too much, try incorporating them with a theme. That way they aren’t too random and can flow with the rest of the room. 

Some great examples of vibrant interior wall paint include hot pink, orange, or bright blue. 

3. Bold Black

One of the best interior paint colors is black. It offers a stunning and chic look that can be used in so many different areas. Plus, it can offer a sophisticated setting for members of your household to relax in. 

And if you’re going all black, you can change up the textures and shades to provide some class and elegance. 

But, if all black isn’t something you’re interested in, don’t worry. You can use black as an accent color throughout the area. Or you can use other splashes of color to offset the darkness in the room. 

4. Contrasted Ceilings

A contrasted ceiling offers a way to transform any boring room. In other words, it can add character to a plain-colored area. 

Plus, if done correctly, it can create a high ceiling vibe for a small room. This will help it feel bigger overall and create the illusion of more space. 

So you’ll want to color all the walls the same color. Then select a contrasting color for the ceiling. Usually, a darker-colored ceiling works best in this situation. 

And if you want a bolder look, choose a bright pop of color to create a stimulating effect.

5. Neutrals

Neutral colors can optimize the look of a room and provide it with elegance. Plus, they work with almost every area and setting in your home. 

And these colors are great since they usually complement all decor, furniture, and flooring.  

Some neutral colors can include whites, tans, browns, etc. And because they are more on the plain side, they can provide the room with a calmness to relax in. 

6. Gray

The color gray provides an excellent choice for interior house paint. And that’s because it acts as a canvas for other accents and goes well with almost all other colors. 

Plus, gray is a great option to fully use in a room. Using a light gray can help the room feel more spacious. 

Or using a dark gray in conjunction with lighter options can add character to the room. 

7. All White

An all-white area is a great option for small or dark rooms. And that’s because it can help enhance the room by opening it up. 

So if you have a small area, paint it all white to create a larger effect in the room. And if you have an area with no natural light or windows, a white room can help brighten the entire area. 

Plus, white colors help create the sensation of cleanliness overall. 

8. Light Pops of Color

If you want something outside of the normal and boring colors, try using light shades of bright colors. So this will make your interior unique, while not being too overbearing. 

Some great options for these light colors could be blue, green, yellow, etc. 

And don’t forget to ensure your decor and furniture go well with these colors before choosing. 

9. Two-Tone

If you want something different than just a one-colored room, a two-tone paint job is a great option. Of course, you’ll need two colors that go well together for it to look good. 

And a great way to accomplish this look is to have some sort of barrier that separates the colors. For example, this could be a piece of trim or a break in the wall. 

10. Contrasted Trim

A lot of people tend to paint the whole room one color. But, painting the trim a different color helps elevate the room. 

This adds depth and contrast to the setting. And it ties all the details together to create a flow. 

And once you see the final product, you’ll see how this detail can transform your room. 

Interior Paint Ideas

Hopefully, the stress of deciding how to paint the inside of your home has been lifted. 

And these 10 interior paint ideas should help transform the look and feel of your home. 

So if you’re in need of residential painting help, contact us today to schedule a consultation! We will take care of all of your painting needs here at Pristine Painters!

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