How to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Interior Painter

August 11, 2021

If you are making home improvements such as professional interior painting to your NYC home, you’re not alone. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that home improvement has been rising over the past year.

Interior painting requires a bit of prep work. Not sure what you need to do? Read some of our most common helpful tips for getting ready for the big day.

Store Your Wall Art

Pictures, paintings, and precious tapestries are just a few that come to mind when removing wall art. Depending on the style and application you choose for your new interior painting, wall art may need to be stored for a few days.

First, find a safe location for valuable artwork. Wrap in acid-free paper and bubble wrap. Don’t forget to label the type and room location for each wall hanging.

If you take these steps in storing your wall art, you will feel less rushed to put them back up before your walls are completely dry and cured. 

Prepare With Clean Walls

Have you ever vacuumed your walls? Now is the time. A thorough vacuuming ensures that paint adheres well.

Ask your professional painting service for recommendations for products preferred for cleaning walls before they are painted. In most cases, a mild soap and water solution will be enough. 

Remove any additional grease or sticky residue often found in kitchens. The area around the stove needs the most attention. A degreaser spray makes clean-up easy and can be repeated for buildup around cooking areas.

For bathrooms, inspect for excessive moisture and any mildew stains. A bleach solution will greatly reduce mildew—plan on completing mildew removal at least 3 days before painting for optimal drying time.

Have you found walls in your home that have uneven surfaces or holes? You can consult with your house painter to see if they will do minor patches. Otherwise, prepare your walls for interior painting by applying drywall mud and sanding for defects.

Clean Surfaces Too!

You may not realize this, but doing a thorough cleaning of any carpeting and furnishings left in the room is important.

So much of a seamless paint application depends on removing particulates floating in the air, not just on walls but also on countertops, furniture, and flooring. Don’t let dust ruin a great professional painting job.

If you are using fans for ventilation and for drying time, be sure to clean them beforehand. 

Create Easy Access

It’s a tough job, but furniture needs to be moved away from walls to be painted. Painting crews need room to work. The greater access your house painter has to walls ensures the smooth application of paint. 

Reach out to family and friends weeks ahead of your professional interior painting date. This will give you greater flexibility in getting help ahead of your scheduled painting day. 

Where will you store furniture? Talk to friends and family about storage space at their homes. Ideally, it’s better to move furniture completely out of a room, but moving everything to the center is acceptable. 

For your house painters’ safety, remove any rugs that could be tripped on. 

Protect Your Furnishings and Windows

Your interior painter will have professional quality drop cloths for protecting your flooring. Ask ahead of time if the company provides drop cloths for covering furniture and mask windows. If not, this is something you will need to prepare for.

If furnishings remain in a room, take extra care in protecting them. Ceiling painting, no matter how carefully applied, creates spatter. Drop cloths and plastic coverings will protect from the spattering of paint.

Remove all window treatments, linens in kitchens and bathrooms, electronics, wall chargers, and cords. Label cords for where they were plugged in. Talk to your painting team about any electronics that cannot be unplugged and ask for covering or prepare to cover them yourself.

For windows, use a covering that is secured with painter’s tape on the trim. If possible, use a clear covering so that natural light can filter in. Every bit of light is helpful when completing an interior painting. 

Children and Pets

Wet paint…children…pets…oh, my! Wagging tails and a favorite feline that likes to rub on everything could become a nightmare for your professional interior paint job. Consider planning for a kenneling service for a day.

If you have young children, they are naturally curious and excited about something new happening in the house. Prevent accidents and touching of wet surfaces by little ones. Your professional painting day is a perfect opportunity for an overnight visit with your grandparents. 

If overnighting is not possible or desired, consider an outing for the family while interior painting is being done. Talk to your children about the new paint and help them prepare for being careful while the paint dries. 

Get Professional Interior Painting Services in New York, Brooklyn, and Queens

Getting your home freshly painted is exciting! You’ve gone through all the paint samples over and over and finally selected the perfect colors. Now it’s time to put that beautiful vision into action.

Ready to find a professional interior painting service? Pristine Painters is a highly experienced painting company located in Woodhaven, NY. 

Reach out to our top-qualified staff of certified specialists for a free estimate. We will help you with professional advice for getting ready for painting day and provide you with a beautiful interior painting that you will love for many years to come. 

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