How To Choose Bathroom Colors in 2021

July 4, 2021

Whether you’ve recently bought a home or you’re just doing some light sprucing up, changing up your paint colors is an easy way to make a space feel more like your own. 55% of Americans made some kind of interior home update in 2020, but you don’t have to go crazy. A new coat of paint can help prevent your walls from looking dingy and will tie together any other new trends and themes you may be trying in your decor. Bathroom colors are some of the quickest to fall in and out of trend.

Just think of the bathroom at your grandma’s house growing up. There were probably colors and patterns in there that look garish to your eyes now. 

Choosing the right bathroom color schemes can make a bathroom feel fresher, cleaner, more relaxing, or more invigorating depending on the vibe you’re going for. If you’re struggling even beginning to identify what some of the trending color combinations are right now, check out this helpful article.

Keep reading for all the best 2021 bathroom color trends, and get excited about your next paint project!

Yellow and Gray

Yellow and gray complement each other, because they bring opposite feelings into a room but maintain harmony with each other. Yellow says optimism and energy while gray keeps you grounded and relaxed. 

This makes the combination perfect for a bathroom. It offers an energizing quality while you get ready in the morning and soothing quality when you prepare for sleep at night. There’s no wonder that yellow and gray were Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021.

Yellow also reminds people of freshness and cleanliness, which you always want in a bathroom.


White is a classic bathroom color because it is the natural color of porcelain and is easy to clean with products such as bleach without ruining the color quality. A white bathroom also confirms cleanliness to guests and never goes out of style.

If you want a contemporary take on classic bathroom design ideas, try stacking different shades of white on top of each other. Assign slightly different but complementary shades of white to your door and frame, walls, amenities, and floor. This will add interest to the eye and can even make the space look bigger.

You can maintain your all white theme or add pops of colors with things like your towels and soap dispenser. 


If white is the classic, what could look more trendy and contemporary than black walls in your bathroom. Black walls are also forgiving because they won’t show stains the way that lighter colors can.

Go for white vanities and a black and white patterned floor tile for the opposite of the classic look. Try to go for the truest black possible so that it creates the most contrast possible and doesn’t look like you’re trying to incorporate color in.

Natural Green

If your bathroom gets lots of sunlight and you like a hippie-chic look, green may be the best color choice for you. Create the feeling of a beautiful, fresh landscape with neutral green tones. 

Some of the hottest trends for greens right now are sage, light mint, and deep forest. Sage will make you think of natural herbal scents while mint adds a feeling of freshness. Make sure you don’t choose a too dark color as brightness reminds people of sanitary conditions more than darkness. 

You can combine your green walls with black, grey, white, or even brown accents as neutrals or you can bring in another color with touches of burnt orange. 


For a monochrome, sophisticated look try painting your bathroom gray. Gray implies expensive stone or steel without breaking the bank. 

You can combine white and black accents to create a scale of shades around your bathroom. For fixtures and items, try a glam look with crystal, brass, and other mixed metals.

Pale Blue

Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. It feels expansive, relaxing, and familiar.

If you want a bathroom that instantly refreshes and relaxes you, try a pale, cool blue shade for the walls. Blue has always been a classic for bathrooms, but hints of grey mixed in can make it feel more modern and sleek.

Pale blue is an especially good color for a shared bathroom between children. It’s light and soft enough to complement a daughter’s desire to feel elegant, but it isn’t overly girly if you have a son.

Complement it with white or light sandy colors to draw images of a beach getaway.


One of the boldest colors for a bathroom in 2021 is eggplant. It’s dark, moody, and has a long historical association with royalty. So if you have a taste for the dramatic this could be the color for you. You know that you’ll have the most uniquely you bathrooms you can.

If you use eggplant, you’ll want to keep the rest of your bathroom fairly light in color with white. You can even paint only halfway up your wall and leave the rest white so that it still feels bright in there. The dark contrasting with the light will extend the feeling of the size of the room and be a major talking point for anyone who uses your bathroom.


Want a color but can’t decide on which one? Bronze depending on how the light hits it can appear to be brown, gray, green, and sometimes even pink. Plus it’s easy to accessorize with either a white contrast or a complement of other mixed metal colors. 

Trendy Bathroom Colors You Can Rely On

New bathroom colors can transform how you feel about your bathroom – the place you go to start your day, freshen up, and prepare for sleep. It should feel like a place that belongs to you and your taste, and a new paint job is the first step in getting there.

Make sure that your new color lasts as long as possible with the right painters for the job. Contact us for a color consultation or to book a painting job!

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