10 Trending Interior Color Schemes for 2021

June 24, 2021

In the last year, at least 61% of Americans have done some sort of home improvement project. The pandemic has led us to spend more than ever on our humble abode. But do you know the color schemes set to be the next big trend?

If you are unsure of what combinations to choose for your next project, we can help. Read on as we discuss the must-known interior paint color schemes for 2021. 

1. Mid Grey and Sunflower Yellow

Never has a scheme been as bold yet balanced as a mid-grey paired with a bright, sunflower yellow. On its own, the sunflower has the ability to be too overpowering, particularly in smaller rooms. Yet with the grey in tow, the yellow is broken down giving just the right impact without overdoing it. 

If you have a chimney breast, flue, or an alcove you want to accentuate, then paint it in grey. Save the yellow for the larger wall surfaces. This also works really well if you want a shabby chic, distressed look but want a little more than the standard off-whites and creams. 

2. Mocha and Maple

These interior paint colors have a real depth to them. In winter, they evoke warm feelings of hot chocolates and firesides. In summer, they come alive with a hint of nature and stone.

If you want to add touches to the combination, you can also add a deep, reddish-brown to the mix. This works particularly well in houses that are clad in natural stone or have red, slate roofs. 

3. Surf Green and Dayflower Blue

This interior paint scheme immediately conjures up images of running water and sounds of the ocean. The surf green brings a freshness, with a nostalgic nod to the fifties era. Dayflower blue is a reassuring and calm color.

The most obvious choice for this color scheme is in a shower room. Its watery feel works perfectly, especially when in conjunction with crisp, silver fittings. However, it should not just be confined to this room and could work fantastic in a kitchen, bedroom, or sitting room that has an ocean view. 

For accents, try a much darker, almost powder blue color. This will add a soothing spirituality to the whole look. 

4. Cerulean and White

The Pantone Trend Institute tipped Cerulean as one of their color trends for spring and summer in 2021. It carries on the surf green and dayflower feeling with its watery, aquatic mood. However, it does it with more crispiness and coolness than the latter pair. 

Cerulean itself is a faint baby blue, reminiscent of a clear morning sky. When paired with other colors, it could easily get lost. Particularly if placed against other muted colors, such as grey slate. 

However, with fresh white, it really pops. Use the white in furniture, bedsheets, and on trims to balance a modern, contemporary look with rustic chic. 

5. Coral and Dark Blues

Coral is a rich, burnt pink shade that has been popular for a few years now. However, the more it stays popular, the deeper the preferred shade gets. It is the ideal color for sofas and drapes on a stark, white background. 

Dark blue is not typically a color you would pair with lighter coral tones. However, the dark blue and coral evoke images of deep oceans. The whole thing can be tied together with brass and copper accessories, such as lamps and shelving. 

6. Raspberry and Black

While many of the 2021 home color trends opt for earthy, natural looks, this one goes for an all-out pop-art aesthetic. Raspberry is a bold, brash color in any situation. However, when paired against a stark black background the color really comes to life. 

The beauty is that trims of any bold colors will work on top, such as yellows and French blues. These can be incorporated into modern art to decorate the walls or ornamentation. 

If you want to break the scene up, use black and white geometric patterns. This could be used in rugs, panels of wallpaper or even bedsheets. 

7. Amethyst and Slate Grey

Amethyst is a rich purple color, named after the precious stone. It conjures up feelings of royalty. In a room, it brings an added layer of opulence to even the drabbest of spaces. 

Because of its connotations to jewelry, anything in keeping with this theme will work. Slate grey brings it right back to the earth and the rock it was hewn from. This gives the purple a blank canvas to shine. 

Alternatively, go for something that mirrors the gold jewelry look. You can pick yellows, some with tones, even verging on browns, to sit next to it. Golden features such as lamps and tables will work perfectly in tandem with it. 

8. Sage and Turmeric

Two deep-colored herbs and spices combine to create a breathtaking, yet calming appearance. This is a very mature look, and one that needs the right type of room and lighting to set it off. However, in the correct place, it can really add gravitas to a decor. 

9. Teal and Red

Teal and red are two interior paint combinations with a truly Mediterranean feel to them. They can make an area look like an ancient spa, giving it appeal in bathrooms and kitchens. Deeper reds, almost verging on browns, can also bring the outdoor inside if you are looking to merge your environment with your home. 

10. Rust and Pink

Here, you will find a stark contrast between the soft, baby pink, and earthy rust tones. However, it is one that ties together really well, especially if you choose to use brown accesories and throws in the room. The rust gives the often child-like baby pink a maturity that looks great in bedroom and sitting room alike. 

Interior Paint Color Schemes

In summary, interior paint color schemes for this season are concentrating on earthy, natural combinations. However, for anyone wanting bolder choices, then striking yellows, purples and even greens are on-trend. 

Ready to start your next home improvement? Then Pristine Painters should be your first stop. Contact us now for a quote on commercial and residential painting in New York, Brooklyn, and Queens.  

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